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Dreaming of a Long-Arm Quilter

I have lots of finished quilt tops just waiting to be quilted. I could probably use my domestic sewing machine, but it would be pretty challenging because they are so large. And so they wait for a trip to Sullivan, MO where I have them quilted.

I was sharing my dream with my husband this weekend. He wondered if there was a place that would rent space on a long-arm machine–surely that would be cheaper than buying one. Yes it would, and I’d still love one someday. I did a bit of research and sure enough, there’s a spot in Town and County–Merrily We Quilt Along.

As luck would have it, I stumbled on the annual quilt show today at Queeny park and the Town and Country shop was demoing a way cool long-arm machine. It was love at first “sew.” I wonder how many bake sales it will take to say up enough money??? In the mean time, I’ll schedule some time and get those tops finished!