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Estate Sale Scores

I hit up a couple estate sales this weekend and did pretty well on a small budget.

I was super excited to find this sander for $5–on half price Sunday. It was made in the USA on top of that!  Funny how Andrew and I had just priced new sanders at Home Depot on Saturday and I was figuring I’d have to spend $70-$80. Patience is a virtue.


I have always had this crazy idea that the talent of the previous owner comes along with the tool, or baking dish or sewing machine that I purchase at an estate sale. When I use each item I often take a moment to silently thank them for “allowing” me to be the new owner.

At the same sale, I picked up some old wood spools. The thread is old and dirty, but a sharp knife from Andrew made quick work of emptying them.  I spread the thread on the side of the yard–I heard the birds like yarn and thread for their nests. We’ll have some fancy nests in our neighborhood this spring 🙂

Spools 1


A little cleaning and look how great they look:



Resale Shopping–My Favorite Way to Recycle!

I picked up this old (I think it is old) frame from one of my new favorite resale shops: Jen’s Resale in Brentwood. Just $19. Not only do they carry lots of shabby chic items, but also clothing, which is there on consignment. Sell last year’s pumps and use the money on a something for your home. Sweet deal. And visiting with Jennifer, one of the owners, was a delight–strong woman following her dreams!

"antique" frame

“antique” frame

The frames swivel so you can see the back of the pictures and they are the perfect size of a clothing pattern. And as luck, well not luck, I bought them on purpose, I have some vintage patterns that I have wanted to display.

Frame 1

How sweet is this. It is from 1948. I added a cardboard insert that matched the size of the frame.

Frame 2

Just large enough to stay in the frame.

Frame 3

How cool is that?! It will live on a shelf in my sewing studio one day. Vintage love 🙂