Been gone for a while…

This summer we put in a new patio. I have spent a lot of time painting furniture and sewing cushions. I’ve also worked in the garden, so not too much sewing going on. Here are some shots of out patio and the cushions I made–super easy!


and here are some scenes from our October 25th outdoor party.  Must be global warming that has allowed us to BBQ this late in the season!

IMG_0730 IMG_0729 IMG_0728 IMG_0727

Will’s HS Graduation Gift

My wonderful nephew, Will graduated from high school this year. He earned a full-ride to Tulane in New Orleans. So proud of the young man he has become. Back in the spring I offered to make him a quilt for graduation. My son Andrew gave me specific instructions on how big it should be–long enough to tuck under your feet and still pull up under your chin. So off to Jackman’s Fabrics to shop.

Will 6 He wanted a modern feel with some more vintage fabrics. He picked a pattern and a bunch of fabric and set me loose. It took me a while to get a layout I liked.

Will I built a few blocks and then just began auditioning fabric combos. I used the post its to label the type of block each one should become.

Will 2 I was working with with about 15 different fabrics and it was challenging to keep them all straight. I got to thinking there had to be a better way.

Will 3Will 4 I pulled out my stash of small white bags and put one or 2 styles in each. I then pinned a scrap to the outside and hung them on my tool rack. It worked perfectly!  I could stay organized and use the scraps easily. I will definitely try this again!

I was able to get the quilt pieced in time for Will’s graduation party over 4th of July weekend–good thing I took the previous week of work off. I think I spent 4 wonderful days in my sewing room working on it.

Will 7 Used some of the extra fabric for pillow cases.

I took it to the quilters 2 weeks ago and it is back. Pictures coming.