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Given Enough Fabric I Could Rule the World

Organizing my fabric stash is almost as fun as sewing with it.  I am always looking for better ways to store my fat quarters.  I use these most often when making baby quilts and since I make a lot of those, I like having the fabric handy.

I love to up-cycle, so when one of our sons left this CD rack when he moved out, I grabbed it.

Room 3 Room 4

Of course this wouldn’t hold them all, so I found a couple racks at an estate sale and placed them behind the door. This just makes me smile!! The shoe rack hanging on the door is for all my scraps.

Found this at another estate sale and
it is perfect for all my gingham fabric.Room 1








And then there is my closet…for all my yardage.  I am a lucky gal!

Room 2

Sewing Studio is Finished…and I Love it!

So this weekend our son Andrew came back to St. Louis. He was able to sleep in his childhood bedroom one last time on Friday night. By Saturday afternoon, the posters were off the walls (I took them down gently, Andrew, I promise), his furniture and humongous collection of vintage video game systems had been moved to his new room in the basement.

While he got things settled, I got busy painting. Yellow is such a cheery color–it makes me happy just to see it on the walls. And with the big windows, it will be a great place to sew. I will still have lots of my fabric in a closet in the basement–I promised Andrew I’d warn him before bounding into his room for supplies–this is going to work out great.

And now for some pictures. Ironing station–I covered the board to match the room


My embroidery machine. I re-purposed Andrew’s desk. All my supplies fit underneath. I am using the shutter on the right to hide a really big video game system that is staying put. I guess if I get tired of sewing I can play some ms. Pacman, eh?

embroidery machine

Here are 2 views of my desk. I still need to hang the bulletin board. See the mirror in the picture on the right–no it’s not to check my smile, it’s so I can watch the TV behind me.

sewing machinebulletin board


Here are the book shelves–Andrew lent me the TV–thanks, buddy. He knows I can’t live without my HGTV 🙂 The best place is across from my sewing desk-thus the mirror. The old suitcase is great for holding stuff I don’t use often. I wonder what I put in there???


The desk looks so cute with my sewing nick knacks.


close upPlaying with my close-up lens.

I just love this rack for my rulers–it should keep me from buying rulers I already own. I was happy to see when I put them up I had only 3 duplicates–just lucky! I got it at a store going out of business–I think I paid $30. It is perfect!

rulers 1rulers

Tonight (Monday) I got in and did some real work–cutting out pieces for Michelle’s baby quilt. And I was able to watch the season finale of The Good Wife–quite a surprise ending!

room in action

Well that’s all for now. Thanks to my wonderful family for enabling my addiction– I mean supporting my hobbies. Love them all!


Sewing Studio–new location, same color scheme

So when Andrew moves back home from college, he is going to take over the basement room his older brother used. Also known as my future sewing studio. I am actually thrilled for him–more space and a fresh space for him. As a result, his childhood bedroom will now be my sewing space.  It just needs a little sprucing up.

yellow paint  I love the yellow paint. The poster will go. But first Andrew needs the opportunity to spend a few last nights in his room as it is. I just painted behind the door and took care of all the trim. I promised him I would take any posters down until he gets home.  I don’t think he’ll notice this paint–unless he reads this blog–I kinda hope he does.

chest This desk got a fresh coat of white paint. This was my desk when I was a kid–50 years ago!  My sister Amy and I had matching desks. We used them to create a room divider in the room we shared to give us a little more privacy.  My little brothers then used them in their room.  And now since Andrew won’t need it, it will hold fabric and knick knacks and live to see another day. My Dad would be pleased to see me use it after all these years!


If you give a mouse a cookie…

you probably know the rest…he’ll ask for a glass of milk!  As with much in life, one thing always leads to another and nothing is as simple or easy as you think it is.

In February our oldest son moved out to his own place. He took some furniture and most of his clothes. But he left lots of books, memorabilia, etc. We are happy to store it for him–somewhere in our small house.  But I digress. His basement bedroom was now available. Can you say sewing studio? Not so fast.

Fast forward to April. Our youngest is coming home from college next month and will be home indefinitely. He has decided the basement room is perfect for him. His room will be empty. Okay, now can I say, sewing studio?

MeasurementsStudio 1

Over the next few weeks we will clean out our garden shed, move less important items from our kid’s clubhouse (wonderful building my dad built for our kids many years ago) to the shed, buy lots of plastic totes for Chris’ leftover stuff and Andrew’s college household goods, pack and store them in the clubhouse, move Andrew’s stuff to the bedroom basement, paint the new studio, move my sewing stuff in…whew! And I haven’t even mentioned redoing the living room once the sewing stuff is out…I think we’ll take the sofa from the family room and then…okay, I’ll stop. As my co-worker would say, these are all “first world problems.” I am blessed to have so many options and such a supportive family.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk. If you give him a glass of mild, he’ll ask for a straw…