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A stitch in time…

I sure wish I had more free motion quilting confidence. It would have been so fun to do some fun designs on this quilt. I was with it a long time before jumping in. I had this past week off and knew it was now or never–besides, the shower is a few days away.

I chose lots of straight lines and a little curve for the flower blocks.

Michelle 5Michelle 4 Only what I can do with my walking foot.

Time to make a label for Miss Scarlett Rose

Conference tables aren’t just for meetings anymore

It was time for my least favorite part of quilting–basting the quilt sandwich. I don’t mind the actual quilting, but the prep- yuck. I feel the same way about this as I do painting walls. Hate the prep (and clean up) but love the painting itself.

Michelle 1

We have a small house with not much space for basting. But I got to thinking–we’ve got lots of big conference room tables at work and this quilt is for a co-worker, so why not!

Michelle 2 Here it is taped to the table. I didn’t quite get it tight enough and ended up having to adjust at home-better tape next time.

Michelle 3 All pinned and ready to go! Even though I worked on this after hours, some of the really dedicated folks were still hard at work. I got into some fun conversations about quilting as they walked by the room. One guy told me all about his mom’s quilts and how much she loves quilting–nice moment!

Oh baby, it’s almost finished!

I’ve sure had fun working on this quilt…for many reasons. First, I am so happy to be making it for Michelle’s little one. It was super fun to shop with her to pick the pattern and fabric. I also learned to trust my instinct. Let me explain.

Michelle's quilt I purchased the pattern for this quilt after seeing it made up at Jackman’s (our local shop). We bought some of the fabric used in the demo quilt and some of the same colors, but different patterns. I tried to follow the pattern exactly, placing the blocks as close to the original as possible. No matter how hard I tried, I just wasn’t feeling it. I decided to toss the book aside and go with my gut.

I started putting up blocks in a color pattern that felt right. And low and behold, it worked. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Lesson Learned: when following the rules just doesn’t feel right, stop, take a breath and trust your talent!