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A Great Way to Spend a Day!

So I had 2 weeks off between jobs.  Not my choice to get a new job, but landed well and got a 2 week vacation. During my time off my nephew’s girlfriend, Molly asked if we could sew together–of  course I said yes.

She picked out the fabric, cut it out and did all the sewing.

Molly 1  Molly 2


Molly 3We added some applique and it turned out great!  Nice job Molly!

A stitch in time…

I sure wish I had more free motion quilting confidence. It would have been so fun to do some fun designs on this quilt. I was with it a long time before jumping in. I had this past week off and knew it was now or never–besides, the shower is a few days away.

I chose lots of straight lines and a little curve for the flower blocks.

Michelle 5Michelle 4 Only what I can do with my walking foot.

Time to make a label for Miss Scarlett Rose

Conference tables aren’t just for meetings anymore

It was time for my least favorite part of quilting–basting the quilt sandwich. I don’t mind the actual quilting, but the prep- yuck. I feel the same way about this as I do painting walls. Hate the prep (and clean up) but love the painting itself.

Michelle 1

We have a small house with not much space for basting. But I got to thinking–we’ve got lots of big conference room tables at work and this quilt is for a co-worker, so why not!

Michelle 2 Here it is taped to the table. I didn’t quite get it tight enough and ended up having to adjust at home-better tape next time.

Michelle 3 All pinned and ready to go! Even though I worked on this after hours, some of the really dedicated folks were still hard at work. I got into some fun conversations about quilting as they walked by the room. One guy told me all about his mom’s quilts and how much she loves quilting–nice moment!