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I Love Old Things

Room 5

My sister’s mother-in-law passed away a few years ago and one of her daughters inherited her handkerchiefs.  She thought I might enjoy them.  I thought for a while about how I might use them. I suspect I found this on pinterest. I washed and ironed them and then clipped them to the curtain rod.  I just love that she gave them to me and they look terrific!  Oh and I almost forgot, the cool sign above was painted by my son Chris’ girlfriend Grace for Christmas–love it!

Given Enough Fabric I Could Rule the World

Organizing my fabric stash is almost as fun as sewing with it.  I am always looking for better ways to store my fat quarters.  I use these most often when making baby quilts and since I make a lot of those, I like having the fabric handy.

I love to up-cycle, so when one of our sons left this CD rack when he moved out, I grabbed it.

Room 3 Room 4

Of course this wouldn’t hold them all, so I found a couple racks at an estate sale and placed them behind the door. This just makes me smile!! The shoe rack hanging on the door is for all my scraps.

Found this at another estate sale and
it is perfect for all my gingham fabric.Room 1








And then there is my closet…for all my yardage.  I am a lucky gal!

Room 2

A Great Way to Spend a Day!

So I had 2 weeks off between jobs.  Not my choice to get a new job, but landed well and got a 2 week vacation. During my time off my nephew’s girlfriend, Molly asked if we could sew together–of  course I said yes.

She picked out the fabric, cut it out and did all the sewing.

Molly 1  Molly 2


Molly 3We added some applique and it turned out great!  Nice job Molly!