Channeling my Dad

As I planned my sewing room, collected vintage sewing items, repainted furniture over the past couple of months I felt like I was channeling my Dad.

I used the painting techniques he taught me-use a good brush, clean it when you are finished, and take the time to prime. I started collecting some cool sewing items, just like his antique medicine chest filled with old medicine bottles. When I repainted my childhood desk I wondered how many times he painted it over the years.

When I scored the display rack you see in the photos, I thought of how I could better organize my tools and can I use my label maker? His tools were always organized and labeled. Every time I bought something from an estate sale or thrift shop to re-purpose, I thought of his knack for taking things from old houses to reuse– he was an early adopter of the up-cycling movement I think.

And finally, I experienced the joy he felt every time he worked with his hands to create something. If I had all the money in the world and could just go out and buy all new things, it wouldn’t have been any fun. I think he felt that way too.

Thanks Dad for instilling your passion for “doing” in me and giving me a smidgen of your talents! I miss you often, but carry your spirit with me always.


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