Sewing Studio–new location, same color scheme

So when Andrew moves back home from college, he is going to take over the basement room his older brother used. Also known as my future sewing studio. I am actually thrilled for him–more space and a fresh space for him. As a result, his childhood bedroom will now be my sewing space.  It just needs a little sprucing up.

yellow paint  I love the yellow paint. The poster will go. But first Andrew needs the opportunity to spend a few last nights in his room as it is. I just painted behind the door and took care of all the trim. I promised him I would take any posters down until he gets home.  I don’t think he’ll notice this paint–unless he reads this blog–I kinda hope he does.

chest This desk got a fresh coat of white paint. This was my desk when I was a kid–50 years ago!  My sister Amy and I had matching desks. We used them to create a room divider in the room we shared to give us a little more privacy.  My little brothers then used them in their room.  And now since Andrew won’t need it, it will hold fabric and knick knacks and live to see another day. My Dad would be pleased to see me use it after all these years!


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