Julie Stitches…and sometimes she does other things

Been a little while since I wrote a post. Out weather here in St. Louis has been awesome so we have spent lots of time working in the garden.


The vegetable garden. I had planted the spinach and lettuce seeds a couple weeks ago. This weekend I was able to get tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and herbs in the ground.  Spring is my favorite season–I just love playing in the dirt. And once the lettuce and spinach is in, it is so fun to ask, “would you like a salad with dinner? Let me step out to the garden to get it!”

I also was able to plant some flowers–my next door neighbor and I made a trip to Sugar Creek nursery for the cool plants and then to Home Depot for the basics.

Step flowers The basics–yellow, white and purple petunias.

Papa's garden I spent many hours digging up those dang wild violets from this bed. I hate those things…they just spread everywhere. We call this garden, Tom’s garden after my Dad who built the trellis for us. The kids bought me the St. Francis statue, which is like one we had in our garden growing up. It needs some more hostas and maybe some impatiens–sounds like a plan for next weekend


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