From Trash to Treasure–Literally

Our next door neighbor passed away a few months ago. Pretty sad story really–he lived a fairly lonely life. Not the friendliest of guys so most of the neighbors didn’t go our of their way to to befriend him. I always felt a bit sorry for him and tried to wave hello whenever I saw him.

The past few months they have been cleaning out his house in preparation for a sale. Our trash guys have been very busy picking up old chairs and such from the curb. One day I spied something in the trash I thought I could use. I looked at it for 3-4 days before finally snagging it and stashing it in my backyard.  I wonder if anyone saw me do it? 🙂  It was a door frame with 4 window panes–well actually 3–one was missing.  (sorry no how to pictures–I made this before I started the blog)

Window 1

I cleaned it up and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. The wood was nicked up a bit, but that adds to its charm, I think.

In the first pane I created a fabric-covered bulletin board. I had an piece of foam core sitting around that I cut to size. I added some batting and folded the fabric around the board and then taped it in place. I wrapped the ribbon around it and tacked it with pins on the back. I added some covered buttons and with a large needle was able to tie them to the board. I then used some hot glue to stick it to one of the glass panes.

Window 2

In the 2 middle sections I used some chalk board contact paper. it worked pretty well, but I think if I did this again, I’d try a spray paint version.

Window 4

I had one spot left and thought–let’s do a cork board. I found a piece of cork at Michael’s in the clearance section–it was cracked–no problem for this project. I covered it with some burlap, also from Michael’s. I put it into the frame without the glass–figured it was easier to push pins through if there wasn’t a pane of glass right behind it. It was slightly short so I added some black decorative cording at the top and bottom.

I used some nails to keep it in place–that’s not working so well. I’ll need to find a better way. My handy son Andrew is in town this weekend–I’ll bet he has some great ideas.

Window 3

Once I decide where it will live and whether it will hang vertically or horizontally, I’ll add some hooks to make it easy to hang.



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