Linda’s Quilt

I truly believe we are put on this earth to be of service to others. People with needs cross the paths of those who have gifts to give. I have often been the recipient of kind words and a hug on a particularly bad day, or that perfect piece of advice or new perspective when facing a tough situation. This is the story of being given the opportunity to help someone else. It is the story of Linda’s quilt.

Linda's quilt

One night I was cruising around Craigslist checking out quilting supplies. I stumbled upon a very cool wood quilting frame–just what I “needed.” The next day I spoke with the owner–a really nice older man.  I asked the usual questions–is it in good shape? how much do you want for it? and when can we meet? I then asked, so why are you selling it? Pause…it had belonged to his wife and she died several months ago from cancer. That dreaded disease.

He told me stories about how much she loved to quilt. They’d go to the lake together–he’d fish for their dinner and she’d sit on the porch and quilt. He’d given much of her quilting supplies to his daughter-in-law, but couldn’t bring himself to give her the quilting frame. He would picture his wife sitting behind it–too painful.

Fast forward to our meeting in the Red Lobster parking lot–I am a safe Craigslist shopper. He brings me several bags of goodies–magazines and what looked like fabric, in addition to the frame. Really nice man–I wished him well and was on my way.

That night I looked through the bags–basting pins–great, I need these. Old magazines–designs sure have changed. Fabric? No actually it was a completed, hand-pieced quilt top. It was lovely. Very fine work. It must have taken her many months to put it together. I held it up for my dear husband to see. I can’t keep this, I told him. No, and I know exactly what you are thinking about doing, he said…yes, he was right.

I had a wonderful machine quilting contact in Rolla, MO. On my next trip that direction I took it to them. I shared my story and they put their best quilter on it. Within a few weeks it was finished!

Linda's quilt  3 Linda's quilt 2Linda's quilt 1

Linda’s heirloom is now back with her family where it belongs! I am so thankful our paths crossed.



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  1. Sarah S.

    What a very kind thing to do! My mom also left an unfinished quilt top….I had someone finish it for me and now I can enjoy it. She had hand stitched the entire thing and the lady that finished said she had never seen such tiny stitching!


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