There’s something in the water…so many co-workers are having babies!

Time to make some baby quilts. These are fun and easy, plus I usually have all the fabric I’ll need in my stash.

I had this charm pack (5-inch fabric squares) just waiting to be used. Sweet is the perfect word for it!

Charm Pack 1Charm Pack 2

I decided to use the mint and pink colors and leave the rest of another project. Now it was time to “shop my stash” for more fabric. Yes, I have a problem, but think of the gas money I saved not having to drive to Joann’s for fabric.  Just a quick trip to the basement. Plus that’s exercise.

Shopping the stashShopping the Stash 1

I had everything I needed!  A quick press with my favorite starch and I had all the fabric I needed.

Shopping the stash 2Starch

I cut matching 5-inch squares from some white fabric I had and then layered one print and one white square.  To make 2 blocks, I drew a pencil line from one corner to the other.

LayersDraw Line 2

The next step was to sew a quarter inch seam on each side of the line. Then give it a quick press to set the stitches.

Sewing 2Pressing

I cut along the pencil line, pressed the towards the print fabric and voila, two blocks ready to go!

Cutting 2Pressing 22 Blocks  My “design wall” is an outdoor vinyl tablecloth with flannel on the inside. It works great for auditioning different placement ideas.  I think this will work. Time to sew the blocks together. But first I needed to number each one. Otherwise I get them all mixed up–blame it on watching The Good Wife on Hulu while sewing. The ink disappears with the touch of an iron.

Design wallNumbering

And a couple hours later, we’ve got three borders and a finished quilt top.

Sewn 3  Ready for quilting one night this week! Sweet indeed!





3 thoughts on “There’s something in the water…so many co-workers are having babies!

  1. Jo

    Do you wash your fabric before using in a project? Notice you said you starched your uncut pieces. Spray starch?


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