The journey AND the destination

They say we should enjoy the journey, not just the destination.  And my smart bro-in-law says he loves the planning of a vacation because the anticipation is so much fun.  As I begin planning for my future sewing/quilting/crafting space in our home, I can tell you, I am having loads of fun!

Currently, my sewing studio is in the living room-my hubby’s suggestion–love him! I try to keep it looking pretty cleaned up–unless of course it’s a week before Christmas and then, well, think Santa’s workshop-thread and fabric scraps everywhere. And what isn’t on the living room floor is strewn around the house, courtesy of our big furry dog.

Most of my fabric and notions are in a really nice closet in the basement–pics to come. I would love to have everything in one place with lots of room for working and places to display my growing collection of vintage sewing things. I have a bit of an estate sale habit. I can’t help giving someone’s well-loved sewing notions a new home!

Up until three weeks ago, our oldest son used our basement as as his post-college bedroom. He is now on his own in a cool old house in the city. Before I could say “grab that Bernina” we decided to wait to see if our youngest would like the space. And so, I will love the anticipation and the studio planning.

I have “borrowed” so many ideas from fellow bloggers, that I feel I should give something back to the creative universe–thus this blog was born.  Stay tuned for decorating/crafting/sewing and quilting ideas!


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